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Tuesday, November 11th 2014, 1:33am

cProXUI UNITY 2014 v1.4


More info on the UNITY 2014 project and goodies: CHECK OUT THIS COLLECTION.



New v1.4 with lots of changes and improvements:

+ Added option to show minimize & maximize buttons (CTRL + Click on the styler changer button).
+ Added Live Seeker with flashing light like in cPro2 skins (to clumsily disable it delete infoseek_light.png in the skin folder / file).
+ Added Visualizer (Bento like, with reflection and all, even right click option to deactivate it 8D ).
+ Added a couple of color themes (Christmas time!!).
+ Added Tabs icons "hover" and "inactive" states (strangely missing before..)
+ Added Songticker options
to right click (a bit buggy: due to how the styles are implemented,
you'll have to un-check the options you don't want. I know it's awkward
but ey, it's better that nothing) (thanks Aminifu).
+ Added feature: "Size and Positions Presets" (assign specific size and position to F9 to F12 keys -SHIFT + Key to set it-).
+ Changed "minimum width" so you can make it smaller, until displaying only time.
+ Changed Songticker behaviour (it moves to the left / right according to the time width).
+ Changed to better fonts.
+ Changed Volume pop-up so it doesn't cover the... cover .
+ Fixed double click not going fullscreen on substyles (thanks ShenleyD).
+ Fixed "notification" area colors on Style 2.
+ Improved some bits here and there on most color themes.
+ Minor fixes

ECNMY specific:
+ Changed close button on standard windows
+ Improved Minimize and Maximize buttons (easier to find / aim now)
+ New about skin pic


* 97 color themes
* 2 skins with 3 sub-styles
* Aerosnap + Multibutton + Notifier
* Cover works as "news" area too
* Auto-hide volume bar (thanks to iron2000)

NOTE: Remember to install cPro plugin (what makes the skin work in a single window) and, the last version of Winamp (just for the sake of being up to date with latest security fixes and stuff).


CREDITS: Video cap on the preview is "Cell out" by Neekoe.

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