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ClassicPro v2.03 beta (27 April 2017)

Thursday, March 9th 2017, 9:42pm - By pjn123

So my last post was 949 days ago - Probably time for a maintenance update :-)
I still use Winamp every day and it is still the program I install first when I format my computer.
So the bugs in ClassicPro from the last few years have also annoyed me (not too much though :P)

Please find attached the latest build for ClassicPro v2.03.

The plan is to do a few bug related fixes.
I still have a few on my personal list (eg. multi-monitor support bugs) and a few from Victor.
But if you have anything to add please post it below.


Version 2.03 (9 March 2017)
[cPro 2]
- Fixed: Jibirish in File Info statusbar (Winamp bug)
- Fixed: Crash on start if all tabs have "Auto Close Tab" enabled
- Changed: Can't enable "Auto Close Tab" on PL and ML tab if the other one have it enabled already

Latest build can be downloaded here :headbang:

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Torque 60 Pack from Quadhelix.

Sunday, January 12th 2014, 4:02am - By Quadhelix

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ClassicPro v2.02 beta build for testing

Sunday, September 1st 2013, 8:35pm - By pjn123

Hi everyone

Been a few months without any updates so though is was time to fix some of the issue that was annoying me and a few others in the forum :)

cPro 2
  • Fixed: Hovering over the shuf/rep/mute button triggers news text
  • Fixed: Playlist tab is empty when opening drawer with playlist view (thx iron2000)
  • Fixed: Winamp doesn't always remember its last position on close (thx roybm)
  • Improved: Playlist opens in the last view position when it is triggered by the system (i.e shortcut or menu)

cPro 1&2
  • Fixed: Flac files uses a lot of resources (thx ttuoli)

Will release it if there isn't any regressions since previous version.
Hope it doesn't brake anything 8)

Download here: index.php?page=Attachment&attachmentID=1060

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ClassicPro v2 Final Released!

Thursday, February 28th 2013, 5:19pm - By pjn123

We’re proud to announce ClassicPro 2 is finally ready and is now out of beta stage!

Thanks for all the help by email, forum and pm’s. If you have more ideas (and feel that we might have forgotten a few of yours) feel free to bring it up in the comment section below.
Download ClassicPro 2.01 here

Then remember to check all the new ClassicPro2: SUI skins. These type of skins allows the skinners to create their own custom layout but let cPro take over the single user interface using the XUI object. More info here.

Currently there are 3 such skins in development/available:
(cPro2 - divx by MerTcaN | cPro2 - Winamp for Mac Sync by pjn123 | cPro2 - minimal by iron2000) | cProXUI - UNITY 2014 by Victhor)

What's new since previous beta release?

Version 2.01 Final (28 Feb 2013)
  • cPro 2
  • New: Now also support preset window positions (shift+F9-12 to set)
  • Updated: cPro2__Aluminum v1.3 (new themes and lots of other improvements)
  • Fixed: If Winamp load on zero volume, volume jumps up (sc_mute)
  • Fixed: More buttons with transparent bits don't always work
  • Fixed: Classic vis doesn't always go to thin bands on small width
  • Fixed: File info viewer layout broken if you hide first tag
  • Fixed: Playlist search toggle overlay doesn't hide on small widths
  • Fixed: Alignment of status bar buttons (thx Mertcan)
  • Fixed: Playlist search box background color
  • Fixed: Button fade shows wrong hover image when you toggle button with shortcuts
  • Improved: File info viewer layout order now same as Winamp
  • Improved: File info viewer added option to use smaller size
  • Improved: File info viewer resource optimization
  • Changed: Tab icons now have 3 states (see cPro2 - Aluminum)
  • Changed: Gammagroup of the Open/Close drawer buttons changed ("n.sui.buttons")
  • Changed: Widget Manager header image

  • cPro 1
  • New: Ctrl + Left Click on main menu button to disable menubar (maybe more options later)

  • cPro 1&2
  • New: Added more options to multibutton (Winamp bolt right-click)
  • Fixed: About current skin crash on newer Winamp builds
  • Fixed: Skin notifier sometimes no longer appearing
  • Improved: Quick Playlist now use screen size to calculate menu height
  • Improved: Widget Manager notifications now only once globally and not per skin
  • Improved: Now Playing widget now have right-click options menu (v1.01)

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